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We follow over 600 penny stock newsletters daily!

View their stock picks along with market data in one location. At the end of day, we choose a winner. Find out which Stock Newsletters are HOT. We have OVER TWO YEARS OF "Winner's Circle" DATA.

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Penny Stock Rumble is the only website that enters ALL penny stock picks from over 600 penny stock newsletters DAILY. At the end of the day, we choose a "winner" based on % gain AND $ volume. Find out which penny stock newsletter is picking the winners. Over two years of data!

If you trade penny stocks, then this is the tool you have been waiting for.

Each morning we scan hundreds of emails from penny stock pickers. Then add those to our exclusive penny stock investment tool where they can be viewed with market data.

At the end of each day, we declare a "Winner" based on BOTH Highest % Gain AND $ Volume. Winner history can be viewed for the past two years. OVER TWO YEARS OF DATA!

Find out which penny stock newsletters are HOT, and which are not. The numbers do not lie.

SIGN UP TODAY. It's completely FREE and will help you put the edge back in your trading strategy.

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Stock Trading Fans: Pay Attention!

This FREE stock investment tool allows you to view ALL penny stock newsletter's daily picks in one place.

Every morning, we receive over 600 emails from penny stock newsletters. We then add these to the Penny Stock Rumble's FREE investment tool where you can view each penny stock newsletter's performance side by side, along with market data.

At the end of each day, we declare a "winner" based on a combination of Highest % Gain AND $ Volume.

View TWO YEARS of "Winning History" once you SIGN UP AND LOGIN.

See which penny stock newsletter is calling the winning symbols. See who is not.

Our Trading Tool is FREE to Use! The Only Thing We Ask is "Tell Your Friends"

If you trade in small cap or micro cap stocks, you need this tool. It is absolutely FREE and will give you that edge in the small cap trading arena you have been looking for.

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The people making money trading penny stocks are the ones that are doing the research and figuring out which stock is hot and which penny stock is not.

It takes an incredible amount of work, but the rewards are HUGE!

Penny Stock Rumble allows you to check on all the penny stocks that are being promoted for that day. Each symbol is viewed with market data, so you can quickly check and see who is the top penny stock picker of the day and who is the dog.

Join today (It's FREE!) and find out which stock newsletter is delivering the HUGE GAINS!


Our Investment Tool is easy to use. Just follow these steps and start seeing your financial portfolio going in the direction of green.

Steps toward your financial success:

  1. Sign up in the box at top of page. You will be emailed an activation link. Click on the link and your account is automatically setup and ready to go.
  2. Sign in!
  3. Once you sign in, you will be viewing the "Rumble Ring" where all of today's penny stock newsletter's picks are shown with market data. We input these by hand each morning.
  4. Sort the stocks by percentage change (by double clicking on the %change column) so that the top gainers are on top.
  5. You can also sort all of the penny stocks by $ Change/Last Price/Volume/Symbol/Company
  6. At the end of each day, we declare a "winner" based on a combination of Highest % Gain AND $ Volume.
  7. View TWO YEARS of "Winning History" once you SIGN UP AND LOGIN.
  8. Check out which penny stock pickers are on the top stocks and click on them to go out their web site
  9. Click on the stock/company to go to their Yahoo finance detail page
  10. Go over the WINNER'S CIRCLE and check out which newsletters are choosing the HIGHEST GAINING penny stocks (this page will show you all of the past winning penny stock symbols and the newsletters choose them. OVER TWO YEARS OF DATA.)
  11. Google Business News Feed
  12. Send us an email with any comments OR questions. We love to hear from our users!

This is truly a revolutionary trading tool. Never before has a web site consolidated all the penny stock picks of the day and displayed them side by side in one location on the web.


Penny Stocks are the Road to Huge Profits Overnight

We have all heard about that stock that went up over 1,000% in one day. Wish you were on that rocket, right?

Here at Penny Stock Rumble, we believe an informed penny stock trader, is a winning penny stock trader. Do the homework and you get your check at the end of the day. We have plenty of online tutorials to help sharpen your warrior skills at the Penny Stocks School.

We do the homework for you so you can focus on the important stuff - How to Make Money!

We receive over 600 penny stock picks in our inbox and input those into the Rumble machine. Once the market opens, you can watch the picks and see very quickly which penny stock newsletters are on top.


Penny Stocks are Volatile, But a Smart Trader Can Profit the Ups AND the Downs

Don't be left in the dark! SIGN UP TODAY for the Penny Stock Rumble Investment tool and start taking advantage of the wealth of information we provide. OVER TWO YEARS OF DATA!

Enter your email address and LOGIN to view the top penny stock picks of the day. We have each stock linked to market data so you can view the performance.

Sort the columns to view which stock is going through the roof, and which penny stock is in the gutter. View all the penny stock newsletters that have attached their name to a penny stock pick and decide if they are up to snuff or not.



Go to the Penny Stock WINNER'S CIRCLE and view which penny stock pickers are the best of breed. They all talk a big game, but at market close, who really brought home the bacon? WE HAVE OVER TWO YEARS OF DATA!

Each day we declare a penny stock winner based on a combination of BOTH the highest percentage gain AND highest dollar volume. We announce the "Winner" in a newsletter to your inbox so you can quickly see which penny stock rocked, and who the major penny stock pickers that were behind that one.

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The Stock Tool That Make Winners

Penny Stock tools are essential for any trader. Without them, it's like driving with a blind fold and someone in the back seat yelling at you to turn left, turn right.

Take the blinders off and start driving the car for yourself. The penny stock newsletters and promoters all want you to believe they have just found one of the best penny stock companies in the history of the world. Without proper tools, they are the guy in the back seat yelling out directions. You have no choice but to take their word and buy the stock.

When you sign up for Penny Stock Rumble, the first thing you get is access to view TWO YEARS OF WHICH PENNY STOCK NEWSLETTERS WERE WINNERS FOR THE CHOOSING THE HIGHEST GAINING STOCK FOR THE DAY.

Sign Up Now.

The other thing you can view when you login, is ALL the penny stock picks of the day located in one place. No more searching around for quotes, or setting up custom watch lists. Those days are over.

We do the heavy lifting here so you can make the trades and the profits. Every morning, one of us here at Penny Stock Rumble gets our ass out of bed and combs through over 600 emails that have come in overnight all touting the biggest penny stock since sliced bread went public.

We enter those picks in the system each morning so that when you finally arrive three hours later well rested with coffee in hand, all the picks are sorted and ready to view. It's super stupid easy.

We list out all the penny stock picks of the day and which penny stock promoter chose them. Market data is then displayed next to each symbol so you can view current price, price change since open, volume, stock picker(s)



Do You Want More From Your Stock Portfolio?

We did too, and that is why we developed this amazing investment tool. With this tool, you can quite literally take the upper hand in the otc stock game. You will quickly be able to see all your favorite penny stock newsletters and promoters listed out with market data. The fighting can get brutal, but at the end of the there is always a winner declared.

A penny stock that has the highest dollar volume as well as the highest percentage gain will be given the WINNER'S TITLE BELT of the day.

Each stock picker that picked the winning stock before market open, will be given a title belt that they can proudly display on their web site to let the whole stock market world know: We are the Kings of the Stock Market Today!

It also let's you know when you see this title belt on their web site that they are an above average stock picker with clear winners under their belt. All the winners on the Penny Stock Rumble can be viewed at the WINNER'S CIRCLE after you login. Each stock picker is linked with the number of belts they have won and for which stock they chose.


If you have any questions, send us an email at info @


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